Little Bean Early Learning Centre

Little Bean 1 (Weltevreden Park)

Our Welties branch has been operating since 2001, and has become well known in the area for it's "family" feel and superior education offered to it's students. Click here for directions and contact details.

Little Bean 2 (Radiokop)

Based on the success of Little Bean 1, our Little Bean 2 branch was established in 2006. This enabled us to keep our classes small and intimate, despite increasing interest, as well as increase our service area to the wider community. Our family ethos is still very much evident at this branch and the same curriculum is offered. Click here for directions and contact details.

Oak Hill Academy (Radiokop)

Impressed by the advanced curriculum and the fulfilling educational environment enjoyed by our children, our parents asked us to introduce a small private primary school, and Oak Hill Academy was established in 2014. Starting out with only a Grade 1 class, we have added a Grade every year and now offer a full service up to Grade 7. Please visit Oak Hill's website here for further information.